Friday, Feb 26,2016
Understanding Punjabi Culture – Importance of Understanding your client

Punjab, the land of five rivers, is the geographical area in north-western region of India (as located on the map). Until this day Punjab maintains a large part of thePunjab in India common pool of Indian culture. Punjabi culture is one of the oldest and richest cultures dating back to Vedic times. Currently, the culture of punjab has beenPunjab in India distributed all over the world and continues to grow.

Punjabi Religion
A Punjabi’s religious affiliation is synonymous with their ethnic identity and is a differentiation factor within their own culture. Punjabi’s belong to three major religions Islam (in Pakistan and the Middle East), Sikhism (in the Indian state of Punjab), Hinduism and also a small number of many other popular religions. The broader Punjabi community had some trouble dealing with 9/11 and the religious identity. A few sikh men with turbans where killed out of ignorance and anger; and the fear resonated throughout the Indian community. Sikhs began a global effort to reestablish their identity as a peaceful religion with strong morals. Every small Sikh community has established a website now to create awareness within their local American community and the next step may be to create an organized central structure to unite all Sikhs within America.

Punjabi Language
Punjabi, the language of the punjabi people has its associated dialects which differ depending on the region of punjab the speaker belongs to and/or were raised in. There is significant Persian influence in the dialects of Punjabi, although more prominent in Pakistani Punjabi but it is still apparent in Indian Punjabi. The modern punjabi language is mesh of many different language as it has managed to absorb a considerable number of words from surrounding areas/provinces as well as from English and continue to evolve.Punjabi Cuisine These influences can be seen both in American and abroad, where people casually attempt to sound educated in English by mixing the two languages. This becomes increasingly more common in the second generational kids of Punjabi-Americans who don’t have a background in Punjabi and tack the sufficient practice to speak it fluently. One of the easiest ways to hold onto a culture is to speak the language.


Avtar Bhangal is a Criminal Lawyer with over 20 years of Trial Experience.  Originally Born in Punjab India, Avtar Bhangal came to Canada in 1972.  Educated at the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Law School.  Mr. Bhangal has been practising Criminal Law in Mississauga & Brampton since 1994.  He is an effective defence Counsel with an amazing track record.  He can be easy contacted on his cell phone at 416-616-4211 or at the office at 905-565-0655.



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