Friday, Feb 26,2016
Speaking to High School Students about a Career in Criminal Law

I’m often asked to speak to High School Students about my career choice.  I truly enjoy getting the opportunity to inspire this future generation about choosing a career that they would truly love and enjoy.

I knew I wanted to be a Criminal Lawyer since I was in Grade 8.  I was inspired after attending a Court House and watching a trial.  I was fascinated by the importance of the role a lawyer plays. I truly appreciated that a great lawyer can make a big difference  in the outcome of a case.

I set out in my career path; and truly accomplished my goals.  I have been serving the Peel Region of Mississauga and Brampton since 1994.  A large portion of my clientele consists of punjabi speaking individuals.  A lot of them feel more comfortable being able to discuss their case with me.  It also makes trial preparation a lot easier when we can communicate in the same language.

I continue to serve the community in my office located on Derry Road.  I’m always assessable by cell phone at 416-616-4211.  I always tell clients, don’t hesitate to call at any time to ask anything.  I understand that client’s aren’t only in need of assistance during office hours.


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