Thursday, Feb 25,2016
Punjabi Criminal Lawyers in Peel

I started my practise in 1994 as a young Punjabi Criminal Lawyer.  Having been raised in Toronto and learned Punjabi from my parents, I found the struggles of attempting to communicate in a language (Punjabi) that I wasn’t fully comfortable with.  With years of communicating in Punjabi with my clients, I built up my vocabulary and having become much better in being able to discuss matters with them.

At the time I started my practise, there were very few other punjabi speaking Criminal Lawyers.  Things have changed a great deal since 1994.  Now there is a lot of lawyers in Mississauga and Brampton who are able to communicate well in Punjabi and able to service the Punjabi community.  Things have changed a great deal for the better.

I feel proud that I was instrumental in forcing some changes in getting better trained and qualified Punjabi Interpreters in Court.  I had been vocal in my criticism of some of the injustice I was seeing in Court with respect to evidence being translated in Court.  The changes have been slow to come, but at least the Justice system is aware that more work needs to be done.

Avtar Bhangal has his office in Mississauga, Ontario and can be reached at any time at 416-616-4211


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