Friday, Apr 07,2017
Police Cell Phone Searches

In 2016, Police in Canada were asking for a law that makes it illegal for one to decline to provide their cell phone password so  officers can search through it. Currently if you are pulled over or if police are investigating you for any reason, you do not have to give them the password (if you have one) to your cell phone to assist them in their criminal investigation.


Police cannot compel you to cooperate as this would go against one's charter or rights and freedoms. Some may argue it is against their right to privacy while others may argue, it could help in certain cases of sexual assault or to capture pedophiles and helps in public safety and gathering more evidence against a suspect which can be easily deleted if not accessed.


RCMP Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam's also adds that Canada already has laws in place  to compel Canadians to provide self incriminating information to police such as participating to conduct a road side test or providing DNA.


Whether you are in the Brampton-Mississauga region or anywhere else in Canada, you can deny to provide your password to an office. The only time you must provide a password to your telecommunication device and all success is to Border service agents at the airport and or the Border crossing to the United States of America.



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