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Peel Police Officer Charged as a result of Trial Evidence

Officer suspended, accused of lying

A Peel Police officer has been accused of lying during a trial following an investigation by the force’s internal affairs unit

By: Bob Mitchell Staff Reporter, Published on Fri Sep 07 2007

A Peel Police officer has been accused of lying during a trial following an investigation by the force’s internal affairs unit.

Peel Police said that Constable Sean Osborne has been suspended with pay. He has been with the force for the past four years.

The 32-year-old officer has also been charged with assault causing bodily harm in connection with an incident that a defence attorney says was caught on a video tape.

Attorney Avtar Bhangal said the officer never knew his actions were being taped by a home surveillance system.

Bhangal’s client Sunny Bains, 36, had been charged with being impaired in a public place. But prosecutors withdrew charges after being presented with the incriminating video, he said.

Bains’ brother Vinny, 34, was on a trial for impaired driving but his charges were stayed May 29 as a result of an investigation by Peel’s internal affairs unit into the officer’s testimony during the trial and his actions during Sunny’s arrest on Nov. 21, 2005.

“The legitimacy of the charges against Sunny and the officer’s conduct that night were captured on video,” Bhangal said yesterday in an interview. “The residence had a surveillance system that was triggered by a motion detector.”

It’s alleged the officer provided a false statement during his testimony during a trial.

“It’s alleged he provided a false statement under oath,” Acting Sgt. Pete Brandwood said yesterday. “The assault charge stems from allegations of what happened during the initial investigation of an incident while he was on patrol .”

Police won’t reveal details about the incident in Brampton.

According to Bhangal, the accused man and another officer went to Vinny Bains residence in Brampton in connection with a hit-and-run and impaired driving incident.

Sunny Bains, 36, was subsequently arrested for being impaired in a public place.

“It was alleged Sunny had been running around outside of his brother’s home but the video showed him being escorted out of the house and then being repeatedly struck against the hood of the cruiser,” Bhangal said.

The impaired driving charge against Vinny was stayed on May 29, Bhangal said.

Osborne has been charged with perjury and assault causing bodily harm. He’s to appear in a Brampton court Oct. 1

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