Friday, Feb 26,2016
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Fifth Estate examines controversial technique used by Peel Police

Brampton Guardian

BRAMPTON — In his final appearance on The Fifth Estate, Linden MacIntyre takes on Peel Regional Police and the controversial Reid Interview Technique in an episode airing Friday night on the CBC.


MacIntyre reports on the case of Bramptonian Eric Morgan, charged in 2010 with a murder that had happened in 2006. A video with clips from the show was released today, including a portion of an interview with a witness, Brian Cox, conducted by two Peel police officers who MacIntyre says lied about what evidence means and threatened to charge him if he didn’t change his story.


“And it’s all perfectly legal,” MacIntyre says.


Morgan spent three years in jail, but was released last year after the police’s case “fell apart” and a judge directed a jury that they had no other option but to find Morgan not guilty.


Entitled The Interrogation Room, the report is critical of the police’s questioning of Cox, who volunteered to give a statement that Morgan, his best friend, was in a club with him, cutting birthday cake, when the murder happened.


Cox spent eight hours being interrogated by police, maintaining that Morgan could not have committed the murder, and arguing with police who were not accepting his story.


“You’re bullying me,” Cox tells them at one point.


He eventually buckled, telling police “what they wanted to hear”, which was that Morgan had not been standing beside him at the club.


“The only choice I thought was available to me was to tell police exactly what they wanted to hear so that I could leave the interrogation room, go home and continue with my life,” Cox tells MacIntyre. “And that’s the only choice they left me.”



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