Thursday, Feb 23,2017
Peel Crime Mapping: Find out what types of crimes occur in your neighbourhood.

In 2012 peel police launched  a crime mapping system, where residents can locate any area of Brampton - Mississauga; streets, neighbourhoods, divisions and find out if that area is high of crimes and if so which types of crimes.  The mapping system uses peel police data and was created after consulting neighbourhood watch groups such as  was designed after consulting  Brampton Safe City and  Neighbourhood Watch The map includes the locations of crimes such has all kinds of robberies, thefts, break in enters, homicides, muggings and even mischief to properties.


Those who are curious can go on the map click or search  whichever area of Peel region and find out how many and which types of crimes have occurred in that particular area.  The map only shows certain data such as what type of crime occurred, what street, and a brief description but does not release any sensitive information such as identities.  Sgt. Brian Wintermute of Peel stated it protects the privacy of the victims but is also a way to let the public know about crime in the Peel region.


Peel police say they aren't trying  scare the residents of the peel region rather this map will serve as a proactive way to keep Brampton and Mississauga safe.  This tool will help residents be more alert and involved in keeping the community safe. It will make residents be more aware of their surroundings, keep a eye out on their street for suspicious activity and thus report anything they find unusual.

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