Saturday, Jul 23,2016
Partial Internet Ban -- Sexual Offender



Partial Internet Ban on Sexual Offenders


Supreme Court of Canada updated law to include prohibiting sexual offenders to use the internet. The issue that came into question was whether this new law can apply to old cases. With technology advancing and having multiple social media websites and apps , the law was much needed to protect children from being lured by sexual predators 


The Supreme Court ruled 7 to 2 in calling for the ban on the internet and to be applied retroactively. In some previous sexual offender cases the sentencing has not included banning internet usage. This penalty was added into  Safe Streets And Communities Act which came into effect in 2012, and was also applied to a man's appeal case.  The Supreme Court of Canada stated the new law on internet prohibition constitutes a reasonable limit on the man's charter of rights.


Note: In the Brampton and Mississauga Courts on more recent cases, the courts will routinely place restrictions on individuals convicted of Sexual Assaults involving young children or Internet Crimes.  This case was dealing with the retrospective application of these conditions to old cases. 


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