Thursday, Feb 25,2016
Mississauga Criminal Lawyer – Impaired Driving & Over 80

Last week I was able to get my client’s Impaired Driving & Over 80 charges reduced to a Highway Traffic Act ticket of Careless Driving.  It took  careful review of the file and some negotiations with the Crown.  My client was charged in Brampton; there were legal issues with regards to why the Police didn’t get my client a Punjabi lawyer at the police station (language issues).  After some weeks of discussions with the Crown the deal was finalized.  It goes to show you that getting an experienced lawyer to review your file is essential.  Although it looked like a bad case because it involved an accident; we were able to do a lot for our client.  If you are looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga or Brampton, contact me any time.


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