Thursday, Feb 25,2016
Mississauga Criminal Lawyer

Avtar Bhangal has been practising Criminal Law in Mississauga and Brampton for over 20 years.  He started up doing a lot of Impaired Driving, Assault, Theft and Fraud Cases.  Now as an experienced lawyer he has vast experience representing clients with Sexual Assault charges, Internet Crimes and Large Scale Fraud Charges along with Drug matters.

When hiring a lawyer, it’s always important to seek out the best lawyer you can and it’s always more convenient to hire a lawyer close to the Court House that you are charged in.  Mr. Bhangal is an experienced Criminal Lawyer who speaks fluent Punjabi and is able to provided the added benefit in cases involving witnesses that speak Punjabi; both in the preparation stage and at trial.

Mr. Bhangal prides himself on being one of the first Punjabi Criminal Lawyers in Mississauga to concentrate his entire practise towards representing clients charged with Criminal Offences.


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