Thursday, Feb 23,2017
How to prevent warm up thefts in the Winter Season.

This winter, the Peel Region has had a few car thefts as a result of residents warming up their vehicles. Recent arrests by Peel Police have showed that those accused of stealing cars in the Brampton-Mississauga area did so because the vehicles were easily accessible ; they were left unattended and running on one's driveway.


Peel Police say owner's of vehicles who warm up their car make it easier for individuals to steal them. Peel police is warning owners of vehicles to follow basic rules in warming up their car such as never leave your vehicle running unattended , even in your driveway. If you must warm up your car always use remote starters or lock the vehicle and have a spare key to access the vehicle. As well as never leave valuables in plain sight while your car is unattended. These simple rules will make car thefts less possible.


Car thefts affect the whole community as it rises insurance premiums in that particular neighborhood or city and makes the streets unsafe for the public due to stolen vehicles being operated on the roads. Those who do commit  the offence can be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada with possession of property obtained by crime,  theft over or under $5000, possession of stolen property, and or dangerous driving.


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