Thursday, Feb 25,2016
Effective Criminal Defence in the Brampton Courts


When you have been arrested for or charged with a crime, the importance of hiring a LAWYER cannot be overstated. The likelihood of conviction is too great and the expected and unexpected consequences of being convicted are too serious to not enlist professional legal guidance. Don’t waste valuable time passively hoping your case will go away; take action to protect yourself by contacting AVTAR BHANGAL, CRIMINAL LAWYER today. Early intervention often yields the best results.

If you currently find yourself caught in the criminal justice system, you must protect your rights. The police have likely already arrested you, and now the prosecutor is putting together a case to convict you. Neither law enforcement nor the prosecution is on your side or there to help you.

The goal of law enforcement is to uphold the law by arresting people suspected of committing a crime. All too often, however, police reports only contain one side of the story. Again, when only one side of the story is told or known, your risk of conviction goes up substantially.

When we get retained as lawyers to represent for charges such as Impaired Driving, Theft, Fraud, Assault, Internet Crimes; we work quickly to develop a strategy. We quickly put our resources in motion to get you the best possible results. If we need to proceed to trial, we can attempt to get you a very quick trial date to ensure your not prejudiced by the delay. We are in the Mississauga and Brampton Courts almost on a daily basis.

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