Monday, May 02,2016
Doda Use in Mississauga
Doda Charges in Peel:

It’s not surprising but some members of the East Indian community have been prosecuted for selling doda openly in Punjabi meat shops as “spices.”

A lot of Criminal Charges have been laid in the Mississauga & Brampton Courts for possession and trafficking in Narcotics (Dode & Heroin).

While treatment here in Canada to get rid of the addition is expensive; people are resorting to international treatment programs.
Some people have resorted to travelling to Amritsar, to check into “The Hermitage”. You may think this is some form of a hotel, resort or spa. It’s actually an addiction treatment center where, for approximately $400.00 to $500.00 a week, individuals from the Punjabi community in Brampton and Mississauga try to get rid of their Dode addiction.

The Hermitage see over a dozen patients a month from Canada. I’ve had client’s charged in the Brampton Courts with criminal charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance. I’ve been effective in convincing the Crown to permit my client to travel for treatment. They have accepted such a proposal with the understanding that if treatment is effective, it will benefit our client and society at large.
After dealing with their addition they have returned Canada to deal with their Criminal Charges in a more favourable manner. We have seen a significant increase in charges for possession of drugs such as Dode or Heroin, in the Punjabi Community.

Dode, or poppy powder, is a derivative of the highly addictive and illegal opium used frequently in Punjab, India. It tends to produce an initial high, then a calm but wakeful feeling that lasts several hours.
In recent years it has become increasingly popular among Toronto's Punjabi community. Truckers and construction workers use it to stay awake and alert for long hours while on the job.

It is popular, in part, because it is easy to obtain. Despite a police crackdown that saw 1,280 kilos – $2.5 million worth – of dode seized a few years ago from a Mississauga storage facility and homes in Brampton and Toronto.

Mississauga & Brampton Criminal Lawyers have seen an alarming increase in charges of possession of drugs in the Punjabi Community
in the past few years. On any given day there is usually a trial going on dealing with someone charged with possession of Dode or Heroin. It’s a problem in the community that the police is trying to eradicate with charges. What they perhaps really need is more educational programs and addition treatment facilities.

I have been a criminal lawyer practising law in Brampton & Mississauga for over 22 years. I attempt to utilize the resources in our community to better help my clients.?


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