Friday, Feb 26,2016
Defending Theft and Fraud Charges

We often get client’s charged with Major Thefts, sometimes from their employer and sometimes from third parties.

These cases are often very document intensive and require a thorough review of disclosure. Recently a charge of Theft of a tractor trailer full of new tires were withdrawn by the Crown. The Crown was unable to show whether the person found with the Truck knew the content of the Tractor Trailer was actually stollen. It took a keen look at the evidence and persuasive dialogue with the Crown to convince them that there was “no reasonable prospect of conviction”. Apparently, our client was a licensed mechanic and may have had possession of the tractor trailer for the purpose of repair.

I have had dealings with many cases of fraud involving stolen credit card or just credit card data. Often, the Police do not conduct a thorough enough investigation. It may be due to a lack of resources or just lack of interest. Often, the police are quick to charge any involved or “remotely involved” in the alleged fraud. They then leave it up to the Court to decide who is actually guilty. It’s important to hire a lawyer with experience in Theft & Fraud Charges.

Avtar Bhangal has been a lawyer in Brampton & Mississauga for over 20 years. He is fluent in Punjabi to assist clients that have difficulty speaking English.

Contact Mr. Bhangal today directly on his cell phone at 416-616-4211 or at the office at 905-565-0655.


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